Hanosys success is grounded in numerous innovative internal processes and methodologies that collectively enable the company to outperform competitors while fostering a results-driven culture. We help our clients succeed by offering a variety of services; our consulting, applications, integration, and infrastructure support can give you the assistance your business needs to improve operations and streamline costs.

Hanosys quickly and accurately delivers the qualified talent that companies require because of our strong commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and reliability.

Our greatest asset is our people, who are committed to open, frequent communication with our clients and our consultants. Our focus on client relationships and rapid response time to inbound job requisitions generates unmatched client satisfaction and industry-leading placement times.

Hanosys offers thorough and accurate skills-matching to find the perfect candidate for your opening. We work with our candidates to ensure they are culturally compatible with your firm, leading to faster on-boarding and improved productivity from new hires. Our policy is to only use the resources needed to complete projects in a cost-effective manner. As a result, Hanosys-staffed projects are completed on time and within (or under) budget.


We tailor our staffing approach to your firm’s requirements.

Staff Augmentation

Select the best consultant for your project’s needs.

We understand that selecting a just-in-time consultant with the required skills is not just critical; it’s mandatory. We place highly qualified professionals in your organization who are tasked with providing business value from day one. Hanosys has the knowledge and experience to assist in securing the consultant best qualified for your project. We are confident your project will be completed on time and within budget as a result of our in-depth supplemental staff selection and screening process.

Direct Hire

Quality is far more important to us than quantity.

Hanosys recruiting team has a proven record of working with skilled candidates worldwide. Our recruiters care about more than just hitting their numbers: our goal is to find a perfect match, based on both a candidate’s hard skills and their cultural fit. We capitalize on an extensive network of accomplished candidates with years of experience in their respective fields, built up over years of dedicated staffing relationships, to locate and place exceptional direct hires.


Unsure of the project, resource, or budget? Consider selecting a contract-to-hire consultant. If you choose to transition the consultant into a permanent position, we’ll help make the transition fluid and seamless.

Professional Services

In addition to staffing services, Hanosys also offers a variety of organizational improvement services our clients, including IT modernization projects, organizational optimization, and process improvement.

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